These Meal Replacement Bars Boast Savory Flavors of the World

 - Nov 5, 2015
References: slowfoodforfastlives
'SLOW Food for Fast Lives' makes superfood meal replacement bars that are loaded with superfood ingredients like cauliflower, brown rice, carrots, kale and bell peppers. While nuts and berries do appear in the nutrition bars, their sweet flavors are overtaken by the inclusion of savory ingredients.

While there are plenty of meal replacement snack bars that are overloaded with chocolate and caramel, but the use of savory flavors in these bars helps to remind that they're not part of a dessert or a snack, but a meal.

While there are many meal replacements that require the end user to add an ingredient or mix to combine, these nutrition-dense bars blur the lines between consuming a light snack and a full meal.