This Meal Planning Tool from Tesco Reduces the Risk of Food Waste

 - Dec 27, 2017
References: realfood.tesco & treehugger
While there are many meal planning tools available, most of them assemble ingredient lists that can be purchased in their entirety, new from a store. The Leftover Tool from Tesco sets itself apart by prioritizing the use of leftover food first, thereby helping to clean out one's fridge and at the same time, minimize the risks of food going to waste.

To use the tool, one is able to add a list of the ingredients they have, including single or multiple items. From there, the meal planning tool gets to work on calling up relevant results with the requested ingredients. Although results vary, they may include everything from sandwiches and loaves to pudding or salads.

Although many consumers are doing their part to reduce food waste by shopping mindfully, tools like this one help to make the most of food that has already been purchased.