The New McDonalds Mini Meals May Replace the Supersize Option

 - Jun 11, 2015
References: eater
In a stark contrast to its infamous SuperSize option, the recently announced McDonald's Mini Meals trial is an intriguing move by the brand that speaks to their desire to meet evolving consumer interests. In a time when discerning millennials are opting for fresher, healthier meal options and the slow food movement, larger brands like McDonald's who previously marketed their business around consistency and freshness are tasked with reimagining their image.

Each of the McDonald's Mini Meals fall in the range of approximately 660 to 880-calories, despite the fact that it is only the sandwich portion of the meal that has been shrunken in size.

The new McDonald's Mini Meals range will also include a new sandwich, the Signature Burger, which has two patties and white cheddar cheese on a potato bun.