This Building Block Machine Dispenses McDonald's Fast Food for Change

 - Dec 11, 2015
References: youtube & eater
The McNugget is an innovative toy machine made out of LEGO bricks that is able to dispense McDonald's fast food in exchange for money. Functioning much like a vending or gum ball machine, the McNugget exclusively serves up boxes of the brand's chicken nuggets and sauce in exchange for two Euros.

Unlike a conventional vending machine, the McNugget is made from tiny toy bricks and interior mechanisms that are able to process money and dispense food. The machine only offers a singular food service, allowing consumers to place two Euro coins inside the small red and yellow device in exchange for a small carton of nuggets and sauce. The electronics function on a trigger system with a light that is switched on once the money is placed inside alerting the motor to push the sauce and nuggets out of the storage compartment.