Maybelline's 3-Day Brow Gel Helps Define and Fill in Eyebrows

 - Jan 25, 2018
Those with thin or lightly colored eyebrows are used to drawing the feature in each morning, but with Maybelline's 3-day brow gel, users can achieve shapely and darkened brows with little maintenance.

To achieve naturally defined and filled-in brows, users simply apply the gel to the desired area and let it dry for 20 minutes to two hours - the longer its left on, the more dramatic it'll look. When the time is up, users can easily peel the gel off, revealing a new shape and color. The gel acts like a temporary tattoo for eyebrows that lasts for up to three days after an application.

In addition to its temporary coloring abilities, this product is enriched with jelly and aloe vera, leaving one's brows feeling conditioned and natural.