Matthew Brandt Takes Soaked Souvenirs from Lakes and Reservoirs

 - Jul 6, 2011
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This wonderfully water-logged photographic series by Matthew Brandt is dripping with beauty.

Artist Matthew Brandt has taken a creative approach to this collection entitled 'Lakes and Reservoirs.' Matthew travels around his country snapping touristlike photos of beautiful bodies of nature and the nature surrounding them. Once these images are developed, he then submerges them into the lake or reservoir that they portray.

This unique technique allows the photographs to take on a life of their own, with the water determining what the final piece will look like.

Implications - Consumers are constantly bombarded by images in advertisements and have grown tired of traditional formats because of this. They now absorb information only from advertisements that have unique and memorable designs. Companies can appeal to their desired demographics by incorporating atypical graphics into their marketing campaigns.