This Matchstick Stool Created by Erin Moore is Funky and Fun

 - Feb 9, 2014
References: floatwork & ecotopical
Erin Moore has created this matchstick stool that is specifically designed to be split and burned. It has matchstick legs to give them an extra special touch. The stools connect the experience of wood with global carbon cycling.

Not only is it a different take on a very simple design, it is created to educate people as well. This very rarely happens. When you take a first look at the stool you would guess it was created to look like matchsticks on purpose. That is the case but there is much more than just the appeal. I love that the designer has taken a quirky design and created something so much more with it when it gets broken down.

The matchstick stool by Erin Moore is an interesting take on the beauty, function and danger of that bound-up carbon and energy.