The Lacie Fuel Hard Drive Provides Enormous Wireless Storage

 - Jan 29, 2014
References: uncrate
Not many tablets feature built-in massive storage. Often you get stuck with what you get in terms of the innate storage that comes with the device, be it 8,16 or 24 gigabytes. Peripherals with good storage are hard to come by for tablets and even if you find one, there are other issues like portability and wires.

The Lacie Fuel is very portable and doesn't even need to be connected for it work. All you need is a WiFi connection for it to work and it will provide you with massive amounts of space. The Lacie fuel comes in 1 terabyte, which is far more than any built-in amount of storage. Never worry about not being able to hold all your songs and movies again with the Lacie Fuel.