Marvel Cats Meme Invites Artists to Reinterpret Beloved Superheroes

 - Feb 23, 2012
References: superpunch.blogspot & blog.thaeger
If you’re tired of seeing your favorite superheroes as godlike, anatomically perfect figures, why not look through this Marvel Cats gallery and chuckle at the likes of Spider-Man, Juggernaut and Galactus in feline form? The popular meme encouraged artists everywhere to reinterpret their favorite Marvel and DC Comics creations as lovable furry kittens, and the response was overwhelming. Simply type in "Marvel Cats" into any Internet search engine and you’ll no doubt uncover hundreds of images.

What made Marvel Cats especially special, aside from revisiting obscure characters from the deepest reaches of geekdom, was the fact that it allowed artists of various talent levels to display their unique styles to a community of likeminded illustrators. Who could have known that drawing cute cat versions of crime fighters could bring about such a positive result?