The Martina Prekopova Grazia Germany is Elegant and Edgy

The looks featured throughout the Martina Prekopova Grazia Germany editorial are at once eclectic and sophisticated. The clean lines of each outfit conform to the latter while the vibrant colors, bold patterns and quirky textures inspire the former. Both work together to create looks that are elegant and edgy, perfect for a fashionable and creative work setting.

Shot in studio by Paris-based photographer Gyslain Yarhi, the Martina Prekopova Grazia Germany editorial appeared in the magazine's March 15, 2012 issue. Styled by fashion director Nino Cerone, the Slovakian beauty is outfitted in chic spring looks from labels such as Alexander Wang and D&G. The glam looks were perfected with lush curls by hairstylist Tomoko Ohama and red lips by makeup artist Catherine Dargenton.