Martin Pichler by Rick Day Brands a Nearly Bare Babe

 - Nov 4, 2011
References: rickdaynyc & homotography.blogspot
It might prove difficult to exactly decipher the message behind Martin Pichler by Rick Day, but many observers couldn't care less about meaning when presented with images as irresistible as these.

Five photographs picture the Soul/Wiener male model as he approaches a nude state, wearing jeans in a couple and just underwear in the rest, tugging on his Calvin Klein waistband to offer a sneak peek down below.

The viewer is afforded the truly alluring sight of the handsome heartthrob as he advertizes the best and most muscular features of his washboard abs, ripped chest and his arms. More original than a mere gun show (albeit an incredibly enticing one), Martin Pichler by Rick Day incorporates Cat in the Hat post-it notes stuck to the subject's burly body, scrawled with "Martin Soul."