This Marshmallow Candy Graphic Shares Some Surprising Stats

 - Nov 3, 2013
References: tarborotimes & dailyinfographic
This marshmallow candy infographic shares some of the origins of this classic campfire snack. Although bags of marshmallows seem like a dime a dozen now, originally the marshmallow plant was used to make candies for pharaohs and the gods of ancient Egypt. As the graphic states, now over 90 million pounds of marshmallows are purchased each year by Americans.

The puffy sugary cubes are made from a mixture of water, sugar, corn and gelatin. Although there are thousands of people that enjoy them, vegans will want to steer clear of them because of the gelatin content, which is made from animal hide and bone.

Another surprising marshmallow fact is that when they were first produced, Peeps were all squeezed out of pastry bags by hand and had each eye meticulously painted on by hand.