Now You Can Buy Her The Moon

 - Apr 1, 2007
References: ForeverInSpace & express-press-release
First there was the sale of pixels on the Million Dollar Homepage. This week there was the sale of Amsterdam in Second Life. Now you can buy ad space anywhere in the Virtual Solar System through an innovative new website,

If you hurry, you can still take your choice of any planetâ€"including the sun. The site charges US$1 per pixel, with the requirement that advertisers make a minimum purchase of US$100. The largest space for sale is the entire surface of Jupiter for a cost of US$800,000.

Creator Natalie Smith says it's the first space website to offer ad space on any planet. To ensure maximum exposure for her website, she plans to advertise with Yahoo! and Google. She anticipates others will copy her idea but says, “I am first. The original always has more value than copies.”

Maybe this a glimpse of what the future holds; before long, we may be able to purchase ad space on the real planets. But one question would stand: who collects the revenue? Who owns the solar system?

Lunar Land Claims can already be purchased from who says the Moon belongs to the U.N.

Ownership includes mineral rights five km below the surface. Profits go toward the Lunar Republic Society and the Kennedy II Project, who anticipate another Moon landing by the end of the decade.

As for the rest of the planets, looks like we'll have to stick with buying ad space in the virtual solar system.