Mark One by MarkForged is the World's First Carbon Fiber Printer

 - Feb 2, 2014
References: markforged & dailytech
Gregory Mark of MarkForged recently created and designed the world's first carbon fiber 3D printer called the Mark One.

The revolutionary printer is designed to print composite materials, allowing users to print parts, fixtures and tools with an even higher strength. The 3D printer uses a technology called composite filament fabrication that allows the printing of parts that are stronger than CNC machined aluminum and 20 times stiffer than ABS.

As well as printing in carbon fiber, the aluminum uni-body construction can also print in other materials including fiber glass, nylon and polylactide (PLA). "We took the idea of 3D printing, that process of laying things down strand by strand, and we used it as a manufacturing process to make composite parts. We say it's like regular 3D printers do the form. We do form and function," said Mark of MarkForged on the inspiration of the Mark One.