Mariano Peccinetti Combines Different Components for a Dream-Like Feel

 - Sep 6, 2016
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Mariano Peccinetti, an artist who's based in Mendoza, Argentina, has a talent for creating collage art that's uniquely imaginative and captivating to look at.

By intermingling aspects of reality with that of dreams, he generates pieces that straddle different hemispheres, prompting his viewers to become entranced with what they see. Examples of his work include a vintage-looking image of a man camping that's superimposed with an image of space -- displacing him to create a sense of loneliness when interpreted by the viewer.

In other pieces, Mariano Peccinetti plays with the use of color -- often mixing bright components with dark black and white backdrops. Although he adjusts the expectations of what's possible, the way in which Mariano Peccinetti completes his collage art makes it appear seamless.