Artist Marcin Schleifer Creates Imaginative Drawings

 - Jul 24, 2012
References: facebook
Using a technique similar to engraving, artist Marcin Schleifer creates printer press-like images using ordinary fine line pens on paper. Placing each line one by one, the meticulous process results in a series of stunning and surreal drawings.

Similar to stippling and printers, tones and variations in form are created using a series of varying lines. Inspired by masters such as Albrecht Durer, M.C. Escher and Gustave Dore, Schleifer’s works teeter between realism and sublime dreamscapes. His drawings often depict fusions and hybrids between unimaginable creatures and objects. Organic forms such as animals, vegetation and timber are reoccurring motifs in his offbeat depictions.

Marcin Schleifer graduated from the Fine Arts Academy in Poland for graphics and currently resides and practices in the city of Gdynia.