Marcelo Burlon County of Milan Fall 2013 Tees are Laid-Back and Luxe

Graphic tees are no longer just a simplistic fall-back on lazy fashion days because Marcelo Burlon County of Milan Fall 2013 tees are so luxe, they'll take center stage in any chic wardrobe. A true accomplishment of fashion ingenuity, County of Milan tees feature wild illustrations, text and visuals that stimulate the senses, and send of shockwave of style into any outfit.

In true style, County of Milan has released a video that highlights the upcoming design that will dominate the companies collection in the coming months. Shot in a gritty, naturalistic fashion, the video is packed with smooth beats, wild graphic tees and models that are much more comfortable than others in the industry. The complete collection can be found on the personal website of Marcelo Burlon.