These Images Makes it Look Like Marble Statues are Taking Self Portraits

 - Aug 12, 2014
References: reddit & designboom
Reddit user 'Jazus_Ur_Looking_Well' combines antiquated marble statues with the modern day obsession of taking selfies in this series of comical images. The illustrations are set up so that it looks like the inanimate statues are taking vain pictures of themselves at the Crawford Art Gallery in Ireland.

As the selfie craze grows with popularity thanks to apps like Instagram, it's always fun to see people render the faze entirely absurd. 'Jazus_Ur_Looking_Well' cleverly juxtaposes classic works of art with modern photography by making it look like the statues are taking pictures of themselves. Each of the images is angled in such a way that it looks as though these angelic white marble statues of beautiful men and women have somehow managed to take a selfie for their Instagram account. Photo Credits: designboom, reddit