Has Mainstream Social Sensitivity Mucked Up the Manliness Meter?

 - Mar 31, 2009
References: t-nation
What is real manliness? Can it be defined by actions and confidence, devotion, trustworthiness, or fidelity? Can manliness be defined by the type of truck you drive or beer you drink? Are the days of gallantry and good manners gone?

Not really… but mainstream social media has portrayed a less than suitable standard. There are men who order a triple-extra-foam-sprinkles with a hint of cinnamon and whipped topping latte. There are also men who wear jerseys with the name of another man on the back.

There are manly-man contests based on who has the most mud on their truck, and men that worry about whether something is manly or not (maybe I should have left that one out). It all sounds pretty outrageous, but it is true.

Don’t worry gentlemen, you don’t have to start wearing the latest runway fashions. According to T-Nation.com, there are still believers in tough.