Makoto Taniguchi’s Installation is a Contemplative Piece on Duality

 - Jul 27, 2014
References: makototaniguchi & faithistorment
These beautiful and contemplative paintings of reflected anime girls are created by Japanese artist Makoto Taniguchi.

When encountering one of Taniguchi's double-sided anime images head on, one can only witness a blurry face. It is only by viewing Taniguchi's pieces at an angle can one see the "reflection" of the pretty anime girl, and thus take in the entire piece as a whole. The blurry image is made using a grease pencil, and acrylic paint on a clear acrylic board, and the reflected image is made using the same material, but painted on a mirror instead.

When engaging with one of Makoto Taniguchi's paintings, I can't help but feel confronted by the idea of masks; the one's we wear out in the public that conceal the blurry mess that we sometimes are underneath.