These Photos Personify Fruits by Making Them Dance

 - Aug 19, 2013
References: outofthebowl & sweet-station
These fantastic fruit photos are by Thad Markham, who personifies snacks by making them dance (among other things). Markham was inspired by a few odd looking bananas at breakfast one morning, and decided to make a series exposing the secret lives of produce.

In these captures, viewers are exposed to apple and orange romance, conga lines, tangoing bananas and sumo wrestling pears. The fruits have little arms and legs attached to them, but no facial features. These imaginative fruit photos are definitely smile-inducing. This series is another great example of an artist playing with his food instead of eating it.

These whimsical produce captures are extremely imaginative and easily capture the attention of viewers. According to Markham, fruits and vegetables seem to live very active and social lives when nobody is looking.