This Magazine Shirt From 'Nineteenth Letter Chicago' is Gossip-Ridden

This magazine shirt is just as sad as it is scandalous. Reading some of the headlines of the shirt will make you disappointed; not in the celebrities, but in our tabloid culture. Whether you're wearing this garment to make a statement or just to publicize you funky fashion sense, this magazine shirt is definitely something that would fit well in any true individual's closet.

This magazine shirt is plastered with prints of old covers of 'The Enquirer.' It shows some of the most outrageous headlines, most of which are pretty certainly made up. Some of the ridiculous headlines claim that Obama has a cocaine addiction, Clinton had an affair with Denise Richards, Cher has a cult and that Tom Cruise is a kidnapper!

The cut of this top is in a classic tee shirt silhouette. The bright and depressing print is on both the front and the back.