The Sleek M.01 Merges Compact With Paris Style

 - Mar 30, 2009
References: ashleycichocki &
Ashley Cichocki envisions the future of personal transportation in Paris and rolls out the eye-catching M.01, a sleek, compact car of black diamond beauty.

Aimed to be ultra green, the compact automobile employs super stretchy materials over a pneumatic skeleton, allowing it to expand at high speeds and contract to a convenient two meter length for parking. Apart from its super attractive size, the environment friendly M.01 boasts a cozy, ultra-modern interior and utilizes hydrogen-converted electricity as fuel.

The intelligent concept aims to help with the congestion issues in Paris and has a chic French style written all over it, from its gem shaped shell to its sculpted supporting wheels. Still, I can easily see this talented design catching on like fire in every over-jammed city in the world.