'Lysol Click Gel' Uses a Unique Clicking Applicator

 - Dec 19, 2016
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'Lysol Click Gel' makes the concept of cleaning the bathroom a little bit less daunting. It's no secret that washrooms are often the most dreaded room for undergoing a deep clean, for obvious reasons. Lysol Click Gel, a toilet bowl cleaner, not only makes the WC a cleaner room, but it also makes the chore itself more sanitary thanks to a clever applicator.

Toilet bowl cleaners, while effective at keeping the toilet clean over longs periods of time, pose a hygiene issue in and of themselves. Many toilet bowl cleaners come with a hook or cage that attaches to the inside of the porcelain; when the cleansing product is spent, this forces one to grab the dirty object to dispose of it.

Lysol Click Gel is a viscous, gelatinous cleaner that sticks to the inside of the bowl on its own. To apply it, one simply presses the single-use applicator to the inside of the bowl until it clicks (hence the name,) avoiding any unsanitary contact.