Artist Lydia Venieri Shows the Judgmental Side of Humanity

 - Nov 30, 2012
References: venieri.pygeon & sweet-station
The photography series 'War Games' by artist Lydia Venieri shows close ups of wide-eyed dolls getting their gossip on.

Reminiscent of Bratz dolls, the eerie close up of the dolls' faces are seen whispering to one another a la Mean Girls. It is interesting that something so innocent as a doll can take on such a creepy and uncertain persona. The Greek-born artist infuses humor and self-reflection of the human conditions of current society. It is an interesting display demonstrating how catty, conniving and judgmental people can be to one another.

Lydia Venieri's series is an introspective and intuitive display that makes one think why certain cultures get more satisfaction out of scandals then they do of communal triumphs.