The Lulu Light is Formed by the Simple Overlapping of Folded Strips

 - Dec 4, 2013
References: jslagrange & mocoloco
A pendant lamp can make a bold statement without a particularly weighty impression, and the proof is in the Lulu Light. This charming illuminator is composed of paper-thin sheets that have been fixed together easily for a remarkable lightweight design.

Jean-Sébstien Lagrange makes use of the cutting-edge DuPont material called Tyvek that's essentially a synthetic paper product. It's been cut into triangular pieces that, when arranged side-by-side, come to form a vaguely conical shape.

But before the segments are linked, they're each folded in three places. When the Lulu Light comes together, it consequently takes a unique silhouette with a multifaceted look. This folded origami-like treatment of the Lulu Light produces detailing through the creases when the fixture is on.