Luca & Linus' Olive Oil Concept Brand is Both Playful and Sophisticated

 - Nov 13, 2017
References: & packagingoftheworld
Luca & Linus is a concept olive oil brand based in Naples, Italy, that was conceptualized by the designer Tibor Hegedues.

The designer imagines that the concept brand's oils come from Campania, a Southwest region of Italy. There are two bottles in the Luca & Linus collection, one of which contains a lighter, fruity olive oil. This particular oil is bottled in a white frosted glass bottle, with simple graphics of green olives peppered all over the bottle. The second oil has a more intense fruity flavor, and is featured on black frosted glass with the same green olive imagery as the other.

This concept oil brand sets an excellent example for how designers can employ both playfulness and sophistication in their work.