Drink 420's Low-Calorie, Low-Sugar Soft Drink is Infused with Cannabidiol

 - Mar 22, 2019
References: drink420 & thegrocer
The canned beverages offered by Drink 420 are uniquely positioned at a time where many health-conscious consumers are making the switch to better-for-you and low-sugar soft drinks, and are open to exploring CBD-infused beverages. Drink 420 offers all-natural low-calorie flavored sparkling water beverages in botanical flavors like Wild Berries and Elderflower Lime.

The 33-calorie beverages feature no added sugar—just what the brand describes as "zingy fruits, the legal bit from cannabis [and] plant extracts." With 15 milligrams of cannabidiol per each 250-milliliter can, Drink 420 sets itself apart for its high CBD content.

With cannabis-derived ingredients making their way into the mainstream, marijuana and cannabis culture are being completely rebranded. Drink 420 notes, "420 is typically known as code for ‘getting high’, but we don’t believe that. We believe it’s the time to take a moment to rebalance with all the benefits from cannabis but none of the high."