FDL's Low Morphine Poppy Blend Prevent False Positives on Drug Tests

 - Jun 24, 2017
References: fdlworld & foodnavigator
Fans of the 90s sitcom 'Seinfeld' will have heard the outlandish but true scenario whereby eating poppy seeds can contribute to a false positive on a drug test (due to the seeds' trace amounts of morphine,) and so FDL, an ingredients company based out of London, has created a new strain of the seed called Low Morphine Poppy Blend to address the problem. As drug tests are becoming more common in workplaces, the Low Morphine Poppy Blend should prevent the type of misunderstanding that, though somewhat absurd in nature, can genuinely lead to lost employment and workplace mistrust.

FDL's poppy seed blend isn't the only type of poppy seed to have a reduced level of morphine. Poppy seeds grown in Eastern Europe typically have a low concentration, but those seeds are also far more expensive than locally grown variants. By blending the two, FDL achieved a low-cost option that cuts morphine by nearly 98 percent.