Spice Up Your Life With the Love Energy Potion

 - Mar 22, 2011
References: thinkgeek & lostateminor
For the hopeless romantics and those getting shot down after using unsuccessful pick-up lines, it's time to go medieval on your romantic life with the Love Energy Potion.

Just as its name suggests, the Love Energy Potion is here to help you look irresistible to potential love interests. This magical elixir is strawberry-flavored and has 90mg of caffeine to get you jolted for the night as you paint the town red. One drink of this and you'll be sensually seducing all who lay eyes on you as you strut past them with swagger and confidence. So for the upcoming weekend, drink the potion, put on some Marvin Gaye and feel like a new person.

The Love Energy Potion is currently available at ThinkGeek.