Losing Your Marbles Keeps You Occupied While Inebriated

 - Jul 5, 2011
References: charlottemoneypenny & dornob
Being alone at a party or bar wouldn't be so bad if you were drinking out of the glassware from the Losing Your Marbles set. Designed by Charlotte Moneypenny, Losing Your Marbles is made up of a a scotch glass, a wine glass and a champagne flute, each with a marble trapped inside.

The marbles inside each of these glasses are there solely for your amusement. The marble inside of the scotch glass lets you play a game, where you try and drop the round piece into a set of grooves. The marble inside of the wine glass encourages you to swill your drink as it spins in its glass bubble when you do. The marble inside of the champagne flute is the most functional of all, as it lets you call for a toast by tapping on it. You can check out Losing Your Marbles, along with a ton of other quirky sets of drinking glasses here.