These Religious Icons are Made from Layered Glass

 - Jul 9, 2014
References: stumpchuck & boredpanda
Glass blower Loren Stump created these visually stimulating religious icons entirely out of glass rather than using traditional paint and canvas. The use of glass allowed Stump to create 3D religious glass sculptures that are contained in a bread loaf-like shape.

Stump, based out of California, made these unique glass loaves by layering rods of blown glass in various shapes and sizes to recreate the faces and bodies of various religious figures. On the surface, these glass loaves look like nothing more than an oceanic swirl of layered color. Once the loaves have been sliced like pieces of bread, the viewer can see the stunning stain glass works of art Stump has worked so hard to create. One of the loaves conceals an image of Madonna on the Rocks showcasing a red head mother figure surrounded by several children.