Lorella Paleni Illustrates Surreal Images with Elements Phasing In & Out

 - Aug 15, 2012
References: lorellapaleni.it & juxtapoz
Lorella Paleni is a name that should be familiar with those who love modern surrealist art, but for the uninitiated, she’s the brilliant talent behind the illustrations you’re currently enjoying. With the technical prowess of a realist painter, Paleni depicts scenes that perfectly recreate the feeling of being inside a dream. People and scenery phase and amalgamate into one another in ghostly fashions. Blurred and crisp visuals are placed side by side to create ocular contrast. Audiences can’t discern what mental state they should imagine themselves to be in while looking at these images, and that’s what makes these paintings special.

On a personal level, Lorella Paleni’s painting of a female casually standing in her underwear while witnessing fires engulfing a forest is one of the most arresting visuals I’ve seen in my life.