LoluFullyLoaded's Gossip Girl Video Profiles Blair Waldorf

 - Oct 16, 2012
References: youtube & fashionotes
LoluFullyLoaded's Gossip Girl-themed Halloween tutorial debunks TV star Blair Waldorf's iconic looks. The on-screen characters headbands, blown out tresses and over the top outfits have been as essential to the show as the script, and her fans will surely seek to capture her general demeanor on October 31st.

The lavish lives of Gossip Girl's Upper East side crew has been the scene of the most current apparel and cosmetic looks. The latter is the focus of LoluFullyLoaded's tutorial as she applied coats of bronzer, shimmering powder and eye shadow to her primed face.

The final product builds on Blair Waldorf's chic style sense. LolyFullyLoaded finishes her work with knee-highs, a highlighter pink belt and strings of pearls, mimicking ensembles seen in the episodes.