Dardimans Makes Lollipop Sets in Flavors Like Bloody Mary & Margarita

 - Jan 26, 2018
References: dardimans
There are many lollipop products that are formulated and branded for kids, but Dardimans targets a different audience entirely with its packaged lollipop sets.

Dardimans makes a trio of non-alcoholic lollipops inspired by classic cocktail flavors like Margarita, PiƱa Colada and Bloody Mary. The sugar-free pops serve as a better-for-you alternative to many sugar-laden sweets on the market, as they are prepared with isomalt, a naturally sourced sugar replacer made from pure beet sugar.

The brand's Bloody Mary Lollipops are a flavor that particularly stand out, as they include unusually savory tomato and black pepper as ingredients. The other varieties from Dardimans are made with other naturally simple ingredients like lemon, pink Himalayan salt, pineapple and shredded coconut.