The Local Motors Racer is Based on a Harley Davidson Sportster Bike

 - Jun 6, 2014
References: localmotors & gizmag
The Local Motors Racer motorbike is a stylish motorcycle built using two relatively recent phenomena -- 3D printing and crowdfunding. The motorbike blends traditional and forward-looking design elements, and as a result is a one-of-a-kind bike.

The Local Motors Racer is based on the Harley Davidson Sporter but looks a lot less bad-ass and far more approchable to non-hardcore bikers.Its exposed hard-tail frame is more reminiscent of a bicycle than a motorbike, and it also has a low seat and handlebars. The Racer opts for clean and modest design cues such as flat black accents and solid wheels rather than the polished and snazzy designs of most sport bikes.

The Racer's skeletal frame is a hat-tip to Harley Davidson, and exposes the 1200cc air-cooled Evolution V-Twin engine. Interestingly, the bike's air intake was 3D printed on a Makerbot printer.

Development of the bike was largely funded by crowdfundingThe , as is the norm for Local Motors' offerings.