LMN Architects' Seattle Tower Features Transformative Parking Spaces

 - Nov 2, 2016
References: lmnarchitects & wired
LMN Architects designed a tower in Seattle that is slated to be the tallest in the city, but the tower's height won't be its most notable feature -- rather, that will be in the unlikely space of the parking garage. The building at 4th and Columbia will have four levels of aboveground parking that will be able to transform into condo and office space should the need arise.

The theory behind LMN Architects' mixed-use parking garage is forward-thinking. The firm recognizes that increased interest in protecting the environment could significantly reduce the amount of vehicles on the road. That change would subsequently require fewer parking spots around a city. By designing a massive parking garage specifically so it can convert into livable space, LMN Architects has built a future-proofed tower.