Liz Clements Renders Ethereal Women with Extreme Body Art

Forget everything you knew about tattoos and direct your attention to these incredibly alluring Liz Clements renderings. Drawing flawless women covered in body art, the London-based illustrator has an impressive portfolio that highlights both the beauty of etched skin and the female form. You’d expect these ladies to look intimidating, but Clements’ soft style actually makes classic Americana tattoo designs look elegant on these sultry females’ epidermis. This unique ability to make viewers connect with her work effortlessly is one of the main reasons why Clements has gained such widespread notoriety.

Liz Clements’s work is also notable for the various styles of tattoo designs she illustrates onto her subjects. In addition to Americana, traditional Japanese and contemporary pieces can be seen on the arms and torsos of these dope dames.