Liud Rings Come with Richly Textured Interiors

 - Feb 23, 2017
Most rings, and indeed most jewelry, are meant to prioritize visual aesthetics for those looking at them, but the Liud Rings opt to focus on a different aesthetic sense. To the outside observers, the rings look like simple, minimal accessories, but they hide complex, sensuous textures on the inside edge.

Liud Rings are designed to engender what the company refers to as "textural memories." The interiors of the various rings are molded in such a way that their tactility is reminiscent of some natural phenomenon. For instance, the Canya & Canio ring has the texture of the wall of a canyon, while the Scalet & Scalpa ring's interior is modeled after pangolin scales.

There are six different tactile styles, and each of these types comes in either silver or bronze.