The Little Folks of Animal Land Pictures Feature Cats from 1915

 - Mar 5, 2014
References: & huffingtonpost
These cute and cuddly feline friends are absolutely adorable in The Little Folks of Animal Land photo series by Harry Whittier Frees. The photos are of primarily kittens acting out everyday human activities. Cat memes have taken over our generation and they are made about everything and anything these day. You could say these were the cat memes from 1915.

We have an obsession with adorable animals, but who wouldn't? The pictures show kittens engaging in different activities such as folding laundry, flying planes, eating a meal at the table and riding the train. These vintage memes boast funny felines dressed and positioned in hilarious moments.

The Little Folks of Animal Land photo series will make you wish kittens could look like this all the time.