Lionel Bayol-Themines' Watchmen Collection Features Faceless Subjects

 - Apr 3, 2013
References: bayol-themines & mymodernmet
Paris-based photographer Lionel Bayol-Themines' Watchmen series captures masked men and women as they look out at waters, mountains and plains. While the backdrops change, revealing multiple breathtaking landscapes, what remains consistent is the anonymity of Bayol-Themines' subjects.

While identities remain unknown, what is apparent are almost tangible emotions. The masks somehow let on feelings of sadness, longing and even elation as new beginnings are likely contemplated.

Interestingly, though details such as faces are deemed irrelevant to the collection, Bayol-Themines has included an assortment of masks. Diversity is key here as he included ones with leopard print, pink patterns and black and yellow stripes, providing a way in which to classify and distinguish the pictures from one another.