The Legend of Zelda Link Hooded Coat Features Designs from the Franchise

 - Dec 1, 2016
References: thinkgeek
Fans of the 'Legend of Zelda' will appreciate the Link Hooded Coat for many reasons, including the lengthy parka's hip style and subtle references to the popular Nintendo franchise. The more skeptical fans will also appreciate it on purely narrative grounds, since the coat is warm enough to have kept Link from getting frostbite, even in the Ice Cavern.

Aside from its practical appeal within the fictional world of the video game, the Link Hooded Coat is full of features that make it great for people looking to show off their fandom on an everyday basis. Firstly, the coat has several references to the Legend of Zelda, including its iconic forest green color, a pointed hood, and the Zelda crest on the inner lining. Then, from a utilitarian perspective, the coat is long enough to keep wearers dry in snow or rain, and it's full of pockets both inside and out.