These Crochet Lightsaber Hilt Cozies are Perfect for Holding Freezies

 - Jul 6, 2014
References: dearestdebi & makezine
These lightsaber hilt crochet cozies are the perfect place to keep your technicolor summer freezies in. You can have fun turning your freezies into epic sci-fi swords while these galactic freezie cozies will keep your fingers nice and dry.

Have you ever wished you had something to keep the condensation from a melting freezie off your hands? Your prayers have been answered by knitting blogger Dearest Debi. In a tutorial up on her blog, Dearest Debi teaches you how to crochet your very own lightsaber hilt. The tutorial is relatively easy to follow and requires a mix of black and gray wool. The end result is an exact replica of the lightsaber hilts in the Star Wars film that will turn your colorful freezies into galactic swords.