The Light Therapy Glasses Use the Power of the Sun to Improve Your Mood

 - May 13, 2014
References: & fastcodesign
If you're someone whose mood is drastically affected when there isn't any sunshine out in the sky, these Light Therapy Glasses by a Drexel University student are designed to help trick your brain into thinking the sun is always shining to keep your spirits up.

The Light Therapy Glasses are a remarkable innovation designed to help treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which most of us happen to suffer from. Along the temples of these white Light Therapy Glasses are a series of bright LED light boxes that expose your eyes to a simulated sunshine. The artificial light comes through the wearer's peripheral vision to trick the brain into thinking the body is taking in more sunshine than it is. The Light Therapy Glasses apparently help to relieve over 80% of SAD symptoms.