'Time To Make A Monster' by Liam Burrett is a Good Influence

 - Mar 20, 2012
References: nobrow.net & boingboing.net
Liam Burrett is the author of the children’s book ‘Time to Make a Monster.’ The book is equal parts story and activities in that it incorporates a narrative into drawing, coloring and mazes. This is sure to keep most children occupied while providing them a pleasant experience with books. However, the really clever aspect to Liam Burrett’s work is the subject matter.

It is no secret that monsters tend to frighten children. They are monsters, after all. However, in the vein of kid’s stories like Monsters Inc., Liam Burrett inverts the equation and turns monsters into big, cuddly teddy bears.

Perhaps most intriguing to parents is the potential this book has to draw their kids away from less active forms of media, namely, television.