This LG GW300 Campaign Puts Friends' Faces into Callouts

 - Sep 2, 2011
References: mediamarquee & coloribus
There's a social disconnect between SMSing your besties and feeling like they're actually there, which this LG GW300 campaign aims to abolish. The three print ads recognize that text messaging can be a tedious task and can often cause people to procrastinate with plan-making and sending responses.

"Messaging should be as fun as your friends" is what the Media Marquee advertising agency of Cairo, Egypt, came up with. The statement appeals most significantly to the adolescent and young adult demographic of cellphone users who conduct much of their social lives through typed communication. This promoted startphone comes equipped with a full tactile QWERTY keyboard that would appeal to those dissatisfied with touchscreen handsets. This LG GW300 campaign appears to convey that the practice of punching letters will be effortless, improving the quality of contact between your and your companions.