Over the Top Viral Marking is Mocked in This LG Commercial

 - Dec 22, 2013
References: youtube & fastcocreate
This LG commercial makes a joke about its own and other company's over use of viral marketing. Over the years, LG has put out a number of viral videos to demonstrate the effectiveness of their product. Two more recent ones were when they rigged an elevator to make it look like the floor was falling and when they made Israeli fathers believe their babies where giving them the finger. The reactions of the people in those situations was then filmed.

Other companies have also tried this method of advertisement, and it seems people are starting to get sick of it. In this LG commercial, the company mocks those over the top stunt videos that they themselves make.

The video starts out showing the setup. An over-stressed director tries to see if men can multitask by having a gamer playing a console while scary things pop out to get him. Nothing ends up working and the stunt ends up going awry.