'Les Danseuses' by Atelier Oi Dances at the Vitra Showroom in Zurich

 - Nov 25, 2009
References: dailytonic
The exhibition at the Vitra Showroom in Zurich entitled ‘Les Danseuses’ by Atelier Oi looks suspiciously like the Prada skirt exhibit, 'Waist Down.' Much like Waist Down ‘Les Danseuses’ are woven skirt-like pieces twirling playfully in the showroom. On the one hand, they look like lampshades, which are basically skirts for light fixtures.

Bi-colored textiles were used to form ‘Les Danseuses.’ Atelier Oi, a Swiss design firm, created the Whirling Dervish-esque exhibit that spins high above any other lighting competitors.