The Lernert and Sander Natural Beauty Mini Film Has a Powerful Message

 - Jul 1, 2011
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The Lernert and Sander Natural Beauty short film has a powerful message about the excessive nature of cosmetics and the obsession with beauty and perfection that this society maintains.

The duo applied 365 layers of make-up in one day to model Hannelore Knuts to see how much is needed to go from a natural look to a startlingly unnatural one. The process took an astounding nine hours, where Hannelore was paralyzed behind a white board and could only drink through a straw. Seven bottles of foundation, two bottles of Creamy Eyes, three Milky Lips pens and two bottles of Blush -- or 228.40ml of makeup -- later, the project was complete and Hannelore looked more like a clay sculpture than a human being.

Implications - The societal obsession with beauty, image and perfection has had significant implications for the expansion of the beauty and cosmetics industry and its consumers. New products and services designed to enhance physical appearance are constantly being released to the public, who is always willing to try the newest in beauty products in hopes of achieving the unrealistic ideal that has been set out by the mold of society.