Artist Leopoldo Plentz Takes Trash to Another Level with 'Useless Things'

 - Apr 18, 2010   Updated: Aug 16 2011
References: lensculture
Artist Leopoldo Plentz's series 'Useless Things' examines the relationship between human beings, consumption, and waste. For this project, Plentz went around picking up what most would call “trash” off the streets, altered his finds digitally, and subsequently took the litter to his studio to photograph the untouched items in order to transform the way we look at garbage.

Leopoldo Plentz's mission was to force the viewer to rethink what is considered useless, essential, beautiful, and ordinary.

Implications - "I try to explore tiny findings: remains of torn, destroyed, deformed wrappings found on the street," Leopoldo Plentz says of his 'Useless Things' series. "Choosing these wrappings is totally intuitive, just seeing and picking them up, without second thoughts, otherwise reason would take over and they would be left behind."

Well, aren't we lucky Plentz trusts his gut?